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We provide our clients with highly qualified staff who follow their instructions to the letter. Experienced service technicians as well as supervisors meet with our customers on request.


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Zváračské práce

Welding Works

Welders certified for various types of welding:

  • Hard soldering of copper
  • Black and white material
  • 111 (E-HAND)
  • 135 (MAG)
  • 136 (MAG)
  • 138 (MAG)
  • 141/111 (WIG+ E-HAND)
  • 141 (WIG)
  • 141 (TIG / Aluminum)
  • 142 (WIG Orbital)

Electrical Installation Works

  • Complex electrical installation works (industry and households) carried out by certified experts
  • Connections, installation, complex wiring, installation of switchboards, laying cables, lighting, repairs, and maintenance of the electrical system
  • Assembly and disassembly of cable trays
Elektrotechnické a elektroinštalačné práce
Chladiarenské a klimatizačné systémy

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

  • Professional assembly and disassembly of air conditioners (industry and households)
  • Installation, assembly, disassembly, renovation of systems, replacement of heating pipes and cooling systems

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

  • Assembly of air-conditioning systems in line with the blueprint and its specifications.

Locksmith Works

  • We have locksmith experts
  • Manual processing: filing, cutting, chopping, bending, drilling and reaming
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Potrubárske práce

Piping Works

  • Knowledge of technical documentation under ISO
  • Connecting piping systems according to the blueprint, pipe bending
  • Repair and maintenance of pipe systems (pipes)
  • Pipeline installation
Inštalatérske práce

Plumbing Works

  • Plumbing works in buildings
  • Assemblies and repairs restroom equipment, heating equipment, pipelines, and sewers
  • Addressing plumbing-related problems (diagnostics and resolution)
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Montované haly a fasády

Assembled Halls and Facades

  • Complex assembly and disassembly of sandwich panels and structures
  • Assembly and disassembly of metal structures, steel halls, and facades made of various materials and designs
  • Assembly of the supporting structure of the building, hall systems, pipes, separators, flange connections and compensators, windows, doors, tank roofs

Mechanical Works and Installation of Equipment

  • Assemble machines and machine groups using supplied parts based on blueprints
  • Visual inspection of all connected components
  • Performing manual and machine operations as needed, e.g.: cutting, drilling, deburring, grinding, threading
  • Final assembly and completion of supplied components and parts
Mechanické práce a montáž zariadení
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